Nova Scotia data and maps are currently undergoing restructuring.

Data Documentation
Data Files

Zipped Shapefiles:

Community Clusters (.zip)

Community Health Networks (.zip)

Community Health Management Zones (.zip)

Current Population Excel Files (Weighting by Cluster)

Population by Cluster-CHN-MZ geography-Census 2011 & 2016 (.xlsx)

  • This Excel table shows how the hierarchy of four geographic units (Dissemination Areas (DAs), Community Clusters, Community Health Networks and Management Zones) are grouped, how the population of each area was estimated based on the 2011 and 2016 Census, and population changes between the 2011 and 2016 Census.

DA Splitting Files

Coding and Population Estimates for the NS Health Atlas Geographies: A technical primer on population data and how to use population weighing for split DAs (.pdf).

  • This brief technical document explains:
    • how area units in the Community Clusters, Community Health Networks and Management Zones are coded,
    • which DAs are split and assigned weights for population calculation, and
    • how the Excel population table above can be used to summarize population data (DA-level census count data).

DA Conversion Tools